Welcome to WOWASIAN TGP Submission Page.

We have been posting galleries for webmaster/webmistress for years and have extensive experience in this field. Our reviewers would really like to post your galleries. If you have great galleries to present, please read our rules below before requesting for a Submission ID / Partner ID.



Last revised December, 17 2008

  1. A reciprocal link to http://www.wowasian.com/ is required (click here for our banner farm).
    Receipt is extremely important to us since it generates incoming traffic and keeps us in business.
    If by any chance we saw that you are trying to place a reciept without a good faith, we may delete your partner id without prior notice.
  2. No child porn, beastly, rapes or vulgar images.
  3. Minimum of 8 thumbnails per gallery or 6 clips per movie gallery.
  4. Thumbnails must link to a larger size images with much better resolutions.
  5. No blind links allowed in your gallery.
  6. Do not submit gallery with pop-up consoles.
  7. Do not submit the same gallery/content repeatedly.
    In any case that we suspect your galleries has been repeatedly submitted, we may delete your partner id without prior notice.
  8. Only submit asian oriented gallery.
  9. Do not redirect your gallery.

Violation in any of the above rules will result in partner id being deleted without prior notice to webmaster/webmistress.
All previous galleries submitted from the same partner id will also be deleted/purged.
We reserve the rights to determine/suspect which partner id is in violation and there is no way to reverse the decision once it is made.
However a new partner id can be generated if a case is understandable.



We are glad to find out that not as many webmaster/webmistress trying to cheat our submission system, therefore, I am proud to announce for no fees for submission id. I may change this rule if we see that a lot of fellow webmaster/webmistress misusing our system again.

To obtain a Submission ID, please e-mail webmaster@wowasian.com some of your sample galleries for approval, in your e-mail you must include the following information: name, website/s, contact information, sample galleries, desired username and password. Most of the request will not be approved unless you provide additional credentials, such as main website you operate, your history as a reputable webmaster/webmistress in this industry. If your submission id account is approved, you should receive an e-mail within 72 hours.

By default, your account can only submit 1 gallery per day. If you would like to submit multiple galleries, please let us know too. Thank You for your interest and support to submit galleries at WOWASIAN TGP.


- Submission ID is required to use the submission form.
- Please provide good description as it will help in search term.
- New banners added at banner farm, here are the new banners:

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Please let us know if you experience any difficulties using the submission form at webmaster@wowasian.com